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Visit Clinton MS spends some time getting to know Shawn Chambliss of The DLX.

In anticipation of the upcoming Firefly Festival, we had some time this week to visit with Shawn Chambliss of The DLX. Along with Chandler Dunaway & Lindsey Polk, and Oh Jeremiah, The DLX will entertain the crowd at the downtown event Saturday night. Check back here for more information on the Firefly Festival, which is presented to you by the hard work and effort of the Main Street Clinton team.

THE DLX has poured countless hours into crafting their unique style of genre-blending, off-the-wall pop. THE DLX continuously captivates audiences with their catchy melodies and live sets that constantly keep the audience engaged.  The band released its debut single, "Let Go", Spring 2015.

Can you explain the name to us?
It’s the abbreviated form of “The Deluxe”; however, it is said as the individual letters.  I wanted a name that people could unite under.  It’s meant to be a reminder that people are special, no matter how they are presented.  You are deluxe. You are The DLX.  Which is the motive behind “Be the DŁX”.  The DLX isn’t just me, it’s everyone involved from the band and the crew, to the fans.

How would you classify or (unclassify) your sound?
The most appropriate term that’s been used is “Off-the-wall pop”

What's the writing process like?
I generally start at any instrument that’s not a guitar (piano, ukulele, synthesizer, drum pad, etc.) and come up with a basic rhythm or chord progression.  I started off in music as a lead guitar player, and most times, I over complicate an idea if I start on the guitar.  So, I take an instrument I’m not as familiar with, make something basic, and then build on top of that.

Biggest musical influences?
Thankfully, I’ve been exposed to such a variety of music, and I try to take something from all of it. I could list artists for days, but I’ll tell you a few artists that you would have probably never guessed have influenced me.  Garth Brooks, Cher, and Eminem.

Biggest influences outside of music?
My parents, my friends, Whose Line is it Anyway?, Fred Armisen, and Billy Ray Cyrus’ mullet.  None of those are jokes.

For those who haven’t seen you perform, what can they expect at your show?
They can expect some people on stage having a really good time.  I’ll probably climb something and/or jump off of something, and there will definitely be some dancing.  If I’m not pouring sweat by the end of the show, I didn’t do it right.  How can I expect anyone in the crowd to have a good time if I didn’t?

Covers or all originals?
Mostly originals, but I like to throw in some covers to give the first-timers something familiar.

If I’m not pouring sweat by the end of the show, I didn’t do it right. How can I expect anyone in the crowd to have a good time if I didn’t?

Favorite show you've played?
I’m always looking forward to the whatever show is next, but the first one will always have a special place in my heart. It was a terrifyingly exciting experiment, and thankfully, it worked.

How has MS and the South shaped you as a person/artist?
It gave me an accent, it made me terrible at handling cold weather, and it has shown me the importance of family, community, and a good story.

Being on the road…love it or hate it?
It’s my favorite. Sometimes my back isn’t too fond of it, though.

Favorite road food.?

What gear are you using?
Between all the instruments used during the show and all the PA, we would need a completely separate article for this one.

You guys have a production company formed in tandem with the band: how is that working/coming along? What advantages does that provide to you?

Yes yes, Shark Audio.  It’s coming along well. It’s an invaluable resource to be able to show up anywhere with electricity and put on a quality, great sounding/looking show.  Constantly learning about the production side of things (audio, lighting, etc.) through Shark Audio allows The DLX to continually evolve and push the envelope with our show.

What's your favorite album?
Everything Oh, Jeremiah puts out becomes my new favorite.

You are deluxe. You are The DLX. The DLX isn’t just me, it’s everyone involved from the band and the crew, to the fans.

What are you listening to lately?
Halsey, Sam Hunt, Underoath, Bleachers, Kendrick Lamar, and Yøuth (this artist from Nashville who is phenomenal).  Those are the last six albums I listened to on Spotify- go listen to all of those bands.

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?
Get ready to work, and be ready to a ton of “not music” if you want to make a career out of music.  People, myself included, never realize how much marketing, design, paperwork, legal work, etc. is actually necessary to try to be a successful musician.  The music is fun.  The rest of it can be overwhelming and exhausting, but if you can take it, it’s worth it.

What's next for you?
We just finished recording a new EP in Nashville, last week.  In my opinion, it has some of the best songs I’ve written so far.


|>Video<|  BE THE DŁX I am. You Are. We Are. BE THE DŁX. Video by K. Dearman Media

The DLX will be performing at the Main Street Firefly Festival August 29 at 7:15pm in downtown Clinton, MS. We are so glad that we could chat this week, and we are eager to see you downtown Saturday night! 

splendid images courtesy of Kate Dearman Photography
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