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Oh Jeremiah - Aug 29

We got a chance to chat with Oh Jeremiah this week - You can hear them this Saturday at the Main Street Firefly Festival.

Two Animals - Oh Jeremiah

When I have an idea on how I want the story to go, I can write. It hardly starts with melody or a chord progression. It always starts with an idea for a story.

How would you classify your sound? 

What's the writing process like? 
I sit on a wooden chair in my writing space. I start with a story idea similar to how Pixar writes movies. When I have an idea on how I want the story to go, I can write. It hardly starts with melody or a chord progression. It always starts with an idea for a story.

Biggest musical influences?
Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, James Vincent McMorrow

Biggest influences outside of music?
John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Louis CK, anyone that risks their career by being honest

How has MS and the South shaped you as a person/artist?
Everyone in MS cares enough to small talk. Small talk leads to bigger conversations. I learned how to tell stories by listening to my Father talk to strangers. He could make anyone laugh or cry or tremble. All of that came from being a friendly, southern gentleman.

For those who haven’t seen you perform, what can they expect at your show?
Most of it is about Erin and I as a couple. It's the most important part of the live show, to me. She makes everyone feel safe on stage. She is always a total pro. I feed from her and I think anyone in the audience can tell.

Covers or all originals?
99% originals. Maybe a cover but it's unlikely.

Full band?

Favorite show you've played?
Opening for Josh Ritter in Annapolis, MD

Being on the road…love it or hate it?
It's home. I can't get enough.

Favorite road food.?
Fish tacos.

What gear are you using?
Eastman Parlor guitar, Reverend Jetstream, Vox AC4

Most people know you for "Happy Now". What's another song people should check out?
Beautiful Monster. Two animals. Circles is a song inspired by me having the West Nile virus.

What kinds of changes/maturation have taken place from Tall Tales .-> Our Very Own Kingdom -->Now ?
We're getting less folk and more indie. It wasn't a decision we made on purpose. It was a natural thing.

You've used crowd-funding in the past. From your experience, would you say that's a viable route for artists?
Be careful. It's a very saturated market and I think the audience is getting fatigued. I still believe in it. Just be careful.

What's your favorite album?
The Animal Years by Josh Ritter. Or High Violet by The National

What are you listening to lately?
James Vincent McMorrow's Post Tropical, the new Dawes record is amazing.  

What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue this career?
If you can pursue anything, literally anything else, do it. But if music picked you and you never stood a chance, don't ever let the bad days sway you from what you were meant to do. If there is one thing I know, it's that the bad days come with the job.

What's next for you?
We made a full length album in Parsonsfield, ME, with Sam Kassirer (who produced records for Josh Ritter and Lake Street Dive). We put literally everything we have put in to it and we are trying to get it picked up. But the most important thing, Erin and I are getting married in January. <----awesome! Congratulations guys.

We gotta say, we are overly excited that Oh Jeremiah will be at the Firefly Festival this Saturday, August 29.