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Sun&Co at Cups

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Sun&Co at Cups

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-From our friends at JXN music

First of all - Cups in Clinton is doing the right thing by getting their weekly music up and running again. Good on 'em. "Cupsat7" tells you most of what you need to know. - give their instagram a follow @cups_clinton

Every Thursday at 7pm, Cups will have delightful music in addition to their superb coffee - obviously. 

We got to catch the show last Thursday, so here are some thoughts and captures. 

It was like watching a band being born.

Band members Mark Soileau, Avery Glover, Jordan Gaughf, Gabbi Adams, Nathan Garber, Isaac Sanders haven't been playing as a band very long at all. And it shows...but in the best way possible. It's not that they were clumsy or amateurish - the opposite really. Everyone had a good command of his/her instrument. No, when I say that it shows, I mean that witnessing the almost-scandalous-joy on their faces and the mutual smirks when band members locked eyes with eachother revealed that this band was being born before my eyes. 

They had that giddy look of a group that is a bit shocked to be pulling off a full show and sounding so good.


Here's is a recording of them - an original entitled "We Run"


I myself had a blast watching these guys, and I'll look forward to catching them again soon. They had several original songs with a memorable hook and loads of pop-rock charm. I've found that when bands cover a wide range of artists, they usually have the stronger musical vocabulary needed to produce inventive original work. Pretty sure that's going on here - Sun&Co's cover tunes ranged from a fun Cyndi Lauper to that Paramore/Joy Williams heartbreak song. Their "Somebody to Love" was noteworthy as well. 

Give them some time to really get tight, and I would expect to see them expand their reach. Scroll down for the whole gallery of images.