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Brick Street Pops

I got to swing by Brick Street Pops on Monroe St. during the Back to the Bricks event downtown

I got to swing by Brick Street Pops on Monroe St. during the Back to the Bricks event downtown.

Today's delicious flavors!! Come see us!

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Among other treats, they serve hand made all natural, ice pops full of unique and exciting flavor combinations - Sea Salt Caramel and Watermelon Hibiscus for example

Mango Champagne sounded like a reasonable happy medium between familiar and exotic, It was......delicioso - the champagne component was convincing enough that I kept expecting fizz.


Salted Caramel Root Beer?

Now here's where it gets interesting. I'm a rootbeer devotee, through and through. I was born in H-burg, and so by my reckoning Ward's brand Root Beer is pretty hard to beat.

I was pleased to see a cooler full of high-end, crafty root brews, ginger beers, and cream soda. Some I've had, others were entirely new to me. All you Cheerwine people have a place now....

yay Cheerwine. ..yay

I plan to work my way through these. I can tell you that Boylan CREME soda might be the best I've had. 

They opened Thursday Aug 27 - Just in time for Back to the Bricks. There was a sizable crowd well before the official 3pm opening time. Moms with little kids, this is your spot.

The $4.99 special gets you a delicious gourmet popsicle and bottled drink of your choice. Salted Caramel Root Beer? uh yea sign me up for that.

Business is already booming! Sweet Kiana was our very first customer today! She took advantage of Today's Poppin' Deal - pop + pop for $4.99! Come see us! 400 Monroe St in Olde Towne Clinton

Posted by Brick Street Pops on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Check back for updates, we're hoping to speak with Clay Mansell about this exciting new venture.

Brick Street Pops

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